A Fairmount Wrench from Last Century

Fairmount 1-1/16 inch wrench

A 1-1/16 inch wrench manufactured by Fairmount Tool and Forging.

A Thing of Beauty

This is a Fairmount 1-1/16th inch wrench. It’s not a particularly old tool compared to actual antique tools that were made at least 100 years ago. But, its shape is different enough from today’s wrenches that it can grab the attention of even the occasional tool handler. Some might say that this Fairmount wrench looks dated. Others might say that it looks just right and wonder why they don’t make them like this anymore.

It’s not known exactly what year, let alone what decade, this wrench was manufactured. But it’s safe to say that it was made in the 1900’s. According to Alloy-Artifacts.org, Fairmount Tool and Forging was founded in Cleveland, OH in 1917.

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